SIP Trunking

We’ve built and optimized our network infrastructure so that you don’t have to.

Guaranteed Quality
Your calls are terminated through local Hawaii carriers to give you low Post Dial Delay, guaranteed features such as CLI and DTMF and no out-of-region audio looping.

Local Infrastructure
Our PoP is located in Hawaii’s top Data Center to ensure that you experience low latency and high voice quality.

High Availability and Uptime
With a redundant infrastructure with carrier-grade connections we promise a 99.95% uptime.

Included SIP Features

  • Domestic and International Long Distance
  • Toll-free callingSeamless
  • E911 integration
  • Line features including directory listing, CNAM, and LIDB
  • Real-time disaster recovery and IP failover control
  • Unmatched porting support

* SIP trunking enables your PBX to send and receive calls via Internet or private WAN.

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